Skin LIV is an exclusive, results-driven, skincare clinic located in Newport Beach, CA. SkinLIV specializes in anti-aging, adult and teen acne, and hormonal or sun related hyper-pigmentation. All treatments are performed in our private, serene, beautiful environment. We are conveniently located just two blocks from John Wayne Airport and less than one mile from the 405. Clients are seen by appointment only.

About the owner...

Leslie Joy Dammer is a licensed Esthetician and the Owner of SkinLIV. Leslie is passionate about skincare and helping her clients change their skin. Her extensive knowledge in corrective skincare techniques, coupled with advanced product knowledge, make her one of Southern California's most sought after skincare specialists.

Leslie is an advanced esthetics trainer, spa consultant and mentor. Her training lies mainly in the medical esthetics field, but she stays close to her personal beliefs combining medical and science with a balance of organic and natural products. Leslie has trained several MDs, nurses and hundreds of estheticians in the art of skincare and the business of beauty. She has successfully managed one of LA's most successful skincare practices, a med-spa, a corporate chain spa and the esthetics department within a prestigious plastic surgery practice.

Changing your skin is a process and it takes commitment...

No one can fix years of damage in one day, but we promise we can make you look and feel better than you did when you first walked through our door. If you come to SkinLIV with years of sun damage, untreated acne or skin that you have neglected, we will start you on a treatment plan designed to deliver real change. We will educate you about your skin and the process of changing it. We will enable you with a simple at home regimen which will complement the treatments you receive at SkinLIV. You will see results and you will achieve healthier, more radiant skin.

SkinLIV is about change.

We promise we will change your skin. We will help you attain your most healthy, youthful and radiant skin. Feeling great about the way your skin looks will change your life!

SkinLIV is about results.

Every product we use and every movement of our hands has a purpose. Our purpose is to deliver lasting, visible results.

SkinLIV is about education.

We describe every product we use and we educate you as to how they effect your skin. We want you to make informed decisions on how to attain the changes you want to see in your own skin. We can teach you about anti-aging, prevention from damaging your skin, correcting damage and the latest methods for skin rejuvenation.

SkinLIV is about simplicity.

We will formulate a very simple plan for you to follow at home which will help you participate in the process of correcting, protecting and rejuvenating your skin. Achieving healthy radiant skin only requires a few minutes of your time each day.

SkinLIV is about healthy lifestyles.

Healthy, youthful, radiant skin requires a commitment. A healthy lifestyle, along with a consistent, daily skincare regimen, will deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time.

SkinLIV is about relationships.

Deep relationships are the foundation of our business. We love helping our clients attain their optimum skin health goals. We love meeting new people and we would love to see your friends and family. If you love what we do, please spread the word. We offer a generous referral program for our loyal clients.

Change your skin. Change your life.

SkinLIV Menu of Services

  • SkinLIV Treatment 150.00
  • Deep Cleansing Back Treatment 125.00
  • SkinLIV Lite Peel 35.00
  • Skin LIV Change your Skin Peel with Follow-up Facial 250.00
  • SkinLIV Custom Peel 75.00
  • Micro-Exfoliation 125.00
  • Micro-Current Facelift 75.00
  • O2 with Serum Treatment 100.00
  • Derma-planing with Skin LIV Treatment 225.00
  • Derma-planing 135.00
  • LED Light Therapy 75.00
  • Back Peel 50.00
  • Chest Peel 40.00
  • High Frequency 35.00
  • Collagen Mask 75.00
  • Eye Collagen Mask 25.00
  • Hydrogel Growth Factor Mask 75.00
  • Growth Factor or Brightening Serum 50.00 per vial
  • Vitamin C Blast 50.00
  • Facial and Body Waxing available upon request